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Chile: Pascua Island

.: Aventure in Pascua Island :.

Modulo : Aventure

Duration : 5 days - 4 nights

Service : Private - Group

Guide : English, Spanish

Season : All year

Program in the magical adventure of Easter Island, riding the archaeological past, trekking to the volcano Poike, Orongo ceremonial city.

Day 1: Pascua island - Horse riding

Reception at the airport with flower necklace. Transfer to hotel of choice.

Excursion on horseback coming from Tahai, towards the northern coast, covering some archaeological caves and platforms, to return to the interior (Ahu Akivi) towards the town of Hanga Roa. Duration: 3.5 hours.

Day 2: Tour adventure to Poike (5hrs.Aprox)

From the slopes of the volcano climb Poike vai walking to know to heva, ana o te moai, Maung tea tea, Maung parehe, cave of the virgins and return vehicle from the slopes of the volcano to the hotel. On the road we will have a snack.

Day 3: Full day excursion

Leaving from the village, visiting the coast south-east and North-East, the temples of Vaihu, Akahanga, Tongariki, Te Pito Kura, Nau Nau, the quarry of Rano Raraku, Anakena Beach, founded Vaitea, return to the village includes picnic lunch.

Day 4: Hike to Orongo

Visit the botanical garden and nursery CONAF. Then take the footpath that will take us to the Rano Kau volcano and the city of Orongo ceremonial. The descent into the vehicle will be in town with a stop at the Ana Kai Tangata cave. Duration: 4hrs.Aprox.

Day 5: Pascua island

Morning free to visit the town and buy souvenirs. Transfer from hotel to the airport. Farewell to remember the Falklands.

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