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Chile is a country located in the extreme southwest of South America. Its official name is Republic of Chile and its capital is Santiago de Chile.

Chile includes a long narrow strip of land known as continental Chile, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, which stretches between the 17 º 29'57'S and 56 ° 32'S latitude (Islas Diego Ramírez), bounded on the north by Peru, the east by Bolivia and Argentina, and south by the Drake passage. It also has islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Juan Fernández archipelago, Sala y Gómez islands Desventuradas and Easter Island (located in Polynesia), totaling an area of 755,838.7 km ².

Moreover, Chile claimed sovereignty over an area of 1,250,257.6 km ² of Antarctica, known as the Chilean Antarctic Territory, and between the meridians 90 º and 53 º southern boundary extending west to the South Pole. This claim is frozen in accordance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty, without his signature constitutes a waiver. Due to its presence in South America, Oceania and Antarctica, Chile defines itself as a country Tricontinental.

Its nearly 17 million people averaged indices of human development, globalization percentage of GDP per capita, economic growth and quality of life, which are among the highest in Latin America.

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