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Puno: Puno Like City

.: Puno Like City :.

Next to the Titicaca Lake at 3.860 m.a.s.l., You can find Puno, a city that is captivating and charm for the strange magnetism that seems to gush forth of its hills, of its lake with appearance of sea and of its own people, the Aymaras's descendant, strong town that dominated the heights.

Before the expansion of the Inca Empire, the zone that today we know like Puno, located in the southern extreme of the Peru, was dominated by the men of Tiahuanaco culture , the maximum expression of the Aymara development, according to the archeological remains found at the zone demonstrate it.

Puno was the cradle of Inca civilization . Tells the legend than of the waters of the Titicaca lake emerged Manco Capac, the first Inca, in order to found an empire as the Sun God had ordained him as itself - the navigable higher worldly lake at 3.815 m.a.s.l. and the biggest second one of South America with 8.400 squared kilometers of surface The November 4, 1688, Lemos's Viceroy Conde founded Puno's city, baptizing her under the name of St. Carlos of Austria. From then on, the place went changing its look, owed to than the Spanish priests in your enthusiasm of catechizing the natives, constructed the beautiful churches that still keep in good condition.

This region of the Peru is famous for variety and coloring of your folklore, without a doubt the more rich and dazzling of this part of the continent, whose maximum expression is the party of the Virgin of candelaria, that is a total success in February.

in the present moment, Puno, capital of the department of the same name, is an important agricultural and cattle zone, principally of South American camélidos ( flames and alpacas ), that graze at his immense plateaus and Pampas.

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