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RESERVE: Can make reservations by phone, fax or email or our office:

Address: Triunfo Street 392 Ofi. 201 - Cusco - Peru | Urb Vallecito Huancaro the A1-4. Cusco - Peru
Phone: 51 - 84 - 223174
Mobile: 51 - 984623397
Emergency Phone: 51 - 984963372
E-mail: [email protected]

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice. The price for trips and programs are per person and is a tour at least two people, unless specified conditions are different. The rates expressed in the lists of hotels are per room.

AGENDA: All programs are carefully planned, however, due to operational reasons, there may be changes in activities or on the routes specified in the itinerary. These changes are not usual, however, the route should be considered as a guide to basic livelihood of the program.

FLIGHT TICKETS: Prices of FLIGHT TICKETS are based on availability and may change without notice until they are issued. The additional costs to the credit card are included. The program and the flight numbers may vary by airline. There are restrictions that are applied, eg, lost tickets are not refundable and are subject to restrictions imposed by the airline.


Cancellation and Refunds - All cancellations and refunds will be sent with a written document must include the most important information, so that they can be put in that direction immediately.

If cancellation is within 30 days prior to arrival in Peru or the beginning of your booking full payment will be refunded after deducting administrative costs (10% of total cost).

If cancellation is within 28 to 18 days before arrival to Peru or the beginning of the service contract reimbursement will be 50% of the total.

No refunds if the service is canceled within the 14 days prior to arrival to Peru. If there is a buy at the last minute after a trip is canceled and will not be refunded.

At the beginning of the service. If there is a last-minute purchase of a tour, and is then canceled, will not be refunded.

If no response from the passenger automatically lose all of the contracted service and there will be any kind of REFUND.

Furthermore, if the services are terminated during the same trip, there will be no.

Certain services may be interrupted or canceled if the weather conditions, natural causes or disturbances are not favorable, it must be emphasized that these are beyond the control of hotels, airlines, service providers, travel agencies and NANTIKA TOURS, for these reasons and there will be no refund if cancellation is that beyond our control.

NOTICE: Some providers have more rigorous cancellation policies estimating groups. Thus, on reservations to groups exceeding 10 people, service providers reserve the right to impose a penalty of 25% on cancellations until 90 days before the estimated date of start of the journey, and a penalty of 100% cancellation supported by most up until 45 days before the estimated date of start of the journey.


All service orders must be paid in full in advance and following the instructions below. Personal checks are not accepted.

Credit Cards

1. Electronic payments with VISA credit card through the secure server mode and Verified by Visa.

2. With Visa or MasterCard credit card, using the system MOTO (Order Money Transfer). Payment by credit card call you Please print and fill out the following form, by sending us e-mail together with photocopies of your passport and credit card (both sides).

"A second step is the average rate for all activities NANTIKA TOURS"


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Nantika Tours - Urb. Huancaro el Vallecito A1-4 Cusco - Peru
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