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Bolivia: Bala Pampa

.: Bala Pampa :.

Modulo : Amazon

Duration : 4 days

Service : Private

Guide : Spanish, English

Season : Abril a Noviembre

Running on
Rurrenabaque, gateway to the region of Beni, at the foot of the hills in Madidi and Pilon Lajas is also the starting point for excursions and stays in the jungle or the desert Amazon. This module leads to Bala camp, situated on the river Yacuma. This eco-retreat, recently built, offers all the comforts (mosquito nets, toilet and shower) for the place, making it the best and most comfortable in the area. It is located in the heart of a pampa where animals and plants abound. Tours are conducted in the company of local guides, perfect knowledge of an environment that allows us to know without any risk. Ideal for discovering the nature of the Amazon.


Departure from the hotel on private transportation to reach the airport (morning or afternoon, depending on the day of the week). Flight La Paz - Rurrenabaque (1h - variable depending on the day of the week). Reception at the airport in Rurrenabaque and transfer to hotel.

The end of the day is free in the capital of Beni. Lunch and dinner free. Oriental Hotel
**. Note: the flight La Paz - Rurrenabaque is not escorted.


Departure from the hotel at 09:00 in 4x4 private. After about two hours and a half away (depending on the state of the road), passing through the village of Santa Rosa, Bala got to camp at the edge of the river Yucumo. In the afternoon, excursion by motor boat to see plenty of animals. Including: several species of birds (toucans, parrots, tapacarés, kingfisher, marabou, herons and other wading birds ... etc), freshwater turtles, alligators, monkeys (howling, Whistling chichilo, etc.).
Return to camp late afternoon, dinner, then walk through the night to discover the nightlife. Lunch at noon. All inclusive. We spent the night in the eco-lodging.


In the morning, walking the trails of the area in search of sicuri the famous anaconda that measure up to 12 meters long and live a hundred years. This trip will allow us to also observe capihuaras (the world's largest rodent), tapirs, anteaters, or (hopefully), and to discover medicinal plants still used by the inhabitants of the region. In the afternoon, another tour by canoe or motor boat. Return to camp, to be sure we can take a bath in the river Yacuma in the company of dolphins, pink dolphins, which abound in almost all the waterways of the vast Amazon basin. Cold meal at noon. All inclusive. We spent the night in the eco-lodging.


Return to Rurrenabaque 4x4. On the way we make a stop at the edge of a pond, and using light fishing rods, or try to fish piranhas Benton, small carnivorous fish that can be hunted in the gaps after the rainy season.

Transfer to the airport, then fly back to Rurrenabaque - La Paz in the afternoon.
Airport reception and transfer to hotel. End of the day off.
Lunch and dinner free. Hotel Naira ***.
Note: Flight Rurrenabaque - La Paz is not accompanied.
Spanish-speaking guide, transport (including domestic flights), hotels 2 / 3 stars in a double room with breakfast, night in the lodge, meals listed, entry of Santa Rosa, above views.
Individual equipment (except for mattresses that can be provided), mandatory individual insurance, meals mentioned ( "free" 3 to $ 8 U.S. per person / meal), beverages, gratuities, airport taxes (about U.S. $ 2 per person on flights national).

On request: file the terms of sale / file infos, tips, equipment.

Note: The hotels mentioned are indicative on availability at time of booking circuit.
If unavailable, hotels of same category will be proposed. Attention to the same category, quality of hotels in Bolivia is often less than that found in Europe.

Important: As a security measure, each passenger will carry photocopies of your passport and individual insurance (to be given when you arrive in La Paz). in Europe.

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