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Puerto Maldonado: Puerto Maldonado earthly paradise

.: Puerto Maldonado earthly paradise :.

The canoe meddles in the fog as if it wants to tear it, in order to make a way for the tottering light rays, unable to find a space into this exuberant fog, thick and almost an inexpugnable mantle, that seems to cover everything in a dawn with sketches and diffuse shades, in the one that only are known by intuition twisted trunks and clay paths.

And a persistent little wind drags along of in a short while the withered dawn's fog. The shades disappear. Right now nothing is known by intuition. The jungle is plainly visible and a grand and extraordinary maze is by greenness ... and a sagacious, intrepid and silent little tiger slips away from those venturesome men that Madre de dios a paradise of the biodiversity go over in the southeast of the Peru.

Exuberant and vigorous land that not yet has been ravaged by civilization's destructive lashes. Fierce and intricate, hot and exhausting jungle, but lavish in wild life. in this place the Amazonía live together in perfect harmony the bigger diversity of species of flora and fauna of the planet - that the Spanish conquerors modified the name under the name of Gold.

In the madre de dios departament (like an state) its capital is Tambopata's city - Port Maldonado there are three vital importance conservation places : Manu Biosfera reserve ( declared for the UNESCO like Natural Patrimony of humanity in 1987 ), theTambopata CandamoReserve Zone ( with intact populations of several species in extinction, like the giant otter and the eagle harpía) and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park ( that keeps 450 birds's species ).

A miracle of nature: That way she is Madre de dios, an unknown land of giant-sized trees, powerful rivers and thick fogs, in where the man is a stranger, a strange being that is touched when es hears the whispers of the inhabitants of the jungle in or when walking on the tortuous narrow paths of the mountain. Here never there is no sound to be heard. Here everything can happen.

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