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The State of Multicountry Bolivia (quechua: Bulibiya Suyu, Aymara: Bulibiya, Buliwya; Guarani: Volívia) is a country located in central-western South America. The official capital and seat of court is the city of Sucre and the seat of government (executive and legislative bodies) resident in the city of La Paz. Until March 18, 2009, was named officially as the Republic of Bolivia.

Bolivia's territory is bounded on the north and east by Brazil, south to Paraguay and Argentina, and west by Chile and Peru. Comprises an important part of both the Andes and the Altiplano and the Amazon Rainforest and the Great Chaco, allowing it to be categorized as mega-diverse country. It, along with Paraguay, one of two landlocked countries in South America by sea. It is also the eighth largest in the Americas and the twenty-seventh worldwide.

In its history, emphasizes the Tiwanaku culture that developed in what is today the western region of the country and whose advanced knowledge in many areas remained as a legacy for the later Inca Empire. [3] Less well known but no less important are the remains cultural and archaeological sites of the tropical eastern Bolivia, where he developed the Culture Hidráulica de las Lomas, the largest in the Americas, [4] in the plains of Moxos Baures and now belonging to the Department of Beni. The region was annexed to the Spanish empire in the sixteenth century, remaining under Spanish domination until the nineteenth century, declared independence in 1809, achieving a separate state form sixteen years later.

The Bolivian population is multicultural, a significant portion of its population is divided into dozens of ethnic group, also composed of a large number of mestizos Creole and Afro-Bolivian supplemented and a lower proportion of descendants of more recent migrations from various parts of the world.

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