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Adventures, risks and emotions through paths scribbled in the height. Walking, pedaling, riding a horse, perhaps climbing to a mountain covered with perpetual snow or coming face to face to the torrential riffles running between vertical walls.

Challenge, courage and strength and adrenaline runs over when flying on deep depressions, when climbing the rocks engraved for the wind or when dominating the waves of a sagacious sea that seems to be quiet.

Due to its geography of improbable mountain ranges, the rivers of possessed torrents, deserts of infinite appearance and suffocating forests, the Andean countries are ideal for the practice of those sports that take to the man until the limit of their possibilities and let allow a challenge whit the nature, in adventures that bury the maddening tension of the cities for a moment.

Andean world's magic is not only in the shades of its millenarian culture, at the pre-Hispanic architects' fabulous constructions, in the incomparable beauty of its variegated landscapes; But also you get seduced for the charm of his magnificent coasts for the board and diving, for his mountain ranges that tempt to the mountain climbers of the whole planet and for his belligerent torrents of water, that do not get tired to get damage to the canoes and to the kayacs.

During the 80 when the adventure sports began to develop with bigger intensity at these lands. It was an authentic awakening, a discovery that the ancient roads were potential paths which were an excitingly unequalled experience for the the long walk and of biking lovers, climbing to the top of a mountain and through the mountain range's abysses passed whit fragile parachutes.

The board , long walk, climbing, diving, boating, kayac, off road, cross-country running country, biking of mountain, horse ride, sports fishing, parachute, delta wing aircraft, and mountaineering, lovers will be able to breath in the winds of adrenaline at the mythical land of the children of the Sun.

Even in the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, in the high andes corrugated like a paper or in the unripe maze of the jungle, always there will be opportunity to practice a sports activity, that you will drive mad of emotion and to the risk's frontier.

Decide to be a part of this fantastic adventure and check than challenges, also they are a part of the attractions of the Andean region.

"Un paso por segundo es el ritmo promedio de todas las actividades NANTIKA TOURS"


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