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Cusco - Peru
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Trekking Inca Trail
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Located in the Sacred Valley in the south in the district of San Salvador in the province of Calca, Department of Cusco. It has an altitude between 3100 - 4800 m.s.n.m. and is at a distance of 11.00 km from San Salvador.

The geomorphological unit is the highest in this zone and is formed by chains of snowy mountains and aligned according to the general course of the Andes, which emerge over a surface area slightly horizontal called Puna. These peaks reach heights of 5000 m

Is a smooth topography with hills and ridges that are truncated between 3800 and 4500 m. This surface is carved in Mesozoic sedimentary rocks and volcanic Paucartambo group. As a result of the erosive action of rivers that begin in the upper parts of the mountains, has developed a network of rivers which, due to its erosive power favored by the general uprising of the Andes, has deepened and dissected this region , resulting in major valleys through which run rivers that drain this region.

Field observations has enabled the verification of species of flora and fauna and most conspicuous of those who might be disturbed in their biomass, density, frequency and habitat.

  • It stays in homes suitable for family visitors.

  • The food is typical of the area but you may call the menu you want.

  • You will see variety of products in the area.

  • Enjoying a communal dance wearing the clothes of the villagers.

  • You can participate in daily activities of the community.

  • It participates in the development of craft fabrics (If several days are spent in Cusco Siuza or you can order a design to your liking).

  • contribute to the reforestation of the environment (tree planting).

  • have an unforgettable stay in Siuza.

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  • Siuza: With shades of mystic.

  • Siuza: The botanical and bird.

  • Siuza: Artisan.

  • Siuza: Gastronómic




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