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Cusco - Peru
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Trekking Inca Trail
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.: ABOUT US :.

It is the most effective way to plan your trip to Cusco using the Internet. Because we customize your trip as you want at the price you want

GENERAL MANAGER Dave Davis. Experience with more than 20 years in business.

SUBMANAGER: Rosa Blanco Ñantika P. experience with more than 6 years in experiential tourism

As general manager of Nantika Tours, I am pleased to invite you to know Peru. Which is a country full of wonderful attractions such as Machu Picchu, which today belongs to the new 7 wonders of the world (07/07/07). And know other archaeological sites that stand out for their architectural beauty. As you can also appreciate and admire the richness of our flora and fauna in our region offers.

As well as enjoy the warmth of our people, learning from their experiences, customs, beliefs and learn more about the roots of our ancestors.

Later we can explore together, places that have not been visited and which are alien to our eyes and the world.


It is a travel agency that is promoting responsible tourism with good performance and efficiency by providing quality service and security for both domestic and foreign visitors, we are aware that we are in a tourist place is considered the first and most important tourist destination of Peru that we pledge to be an institution that is serious and honest service to all visitors and the community it belongs.

Nantika tour is an institution founded and established by professionals in business administration, tourism, Archeology and biology that together form a dynamic team also has staff working: official tourist guides, assistant guides, cooks, porters, who receive continuous training first aid, rescue techniques , environmental interpretation, and dynamic interpretation of archaeological work in order to provide good service to their customers.

Nantika tours also supports environmental conservation associated with the CENTER FOR CONSERVATION BIOANDINA (CECOBI) providing funding for research projects in conservation methods and techniques ensuring environmental conservation and sustainability of our natural resources both cultural and this is why you choose to travel with tours Nantika also make a pleasant trip on any of the services provided Nantika will be supporting the conservation of the environment and traditional knowledge heritage of our ancestors.


The vision that we maintain, is to contribute to and beyond enjoy the success and enable the community to contribute a part or the success of our organization.


As for our mission, focus everything that meets the basic needs of the market and we choose to be a company that goes straight to the change.


IMPROVING THE LEVEL OF SERVICE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS TO MAKE AN INTEGRAL SERVICE TRAVEL AND TOURISM We are ready to break all the barriers and rules of the business classic, to create new revenue streams to be part of the uncertainty, bone compete with ourselves.

• ABOUT NANTIKA TOURS is a private company dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Cusco, promoting tourism through the various packages we offer to tourists.


The tours that we organize are developed solely by professionals who consider our company, thus ensuring that our tourist programs offered to the public at large tourist.


The company provides for the payment of any of our packages in advance, which rate is set in U.S. dollars.


- FIRST.- Reserves the packages will be made 60 days in advance so as to take all necessary precautions.

- SECOND .- We accept packages with the cancellation of 72 hours in advance.

- THIRD .- The refund will be subject to deductions for payments for services already contracted for, and the charges for the amounts to be sent back.




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