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.: Choquequirao :.
Duration      : 5 days / 4 nigth

Height          : 3,300 m.s.n.m

Fate             : Choquequirao

Season         : All year

Recommendations: A small backpack, hats for the sun, camera and batteries, water bottle.


Archeological complex

is placed at the occidental slope of the Vilcanota Mountain Range more known as the Apurímac deep valley river. choquequiraw is placed in an abrupt top of mountain and according to its strategic position presents various ecosystems since perpetual snows (6000 m above sea level), to the tropical valleys (1800 m), making possible the existence of a wonderful biodiversity of species of plants and animals life adapted to specific conditions of the surround landscape area. The archeological complex finds inside the archeological park of Vilcabamba, northwest the city of the Cusco, between Cusco and Apurímac departments; evolving the territories of Huanipaca and Cachora districts of Abancay province of Apurímac department and districts of Mollepata, Anta and Santa Teresa of the province of the convention at 3104m of altitude rounded by Yanama, Ampay, Choquetacarpu and Pumasillo snowed mountains. Choquequiraw ( Quechua word chuqui k?iraw, that means GOLD CRADLE ), is an Inca city with a religious, political and economic center in addition it was considered by the investigators, like a commercial and cultural linkage city between the coast, high Andes and the jungle, Choquequiraw is divided into nine zones and the stone works form a group of little neighborhoods. Surrounding its main square is the main temples and the government houses around its main square. because of its bi-level palaces and temples, its water supply systems, channels and aqueducts and its admirable terraces covered of profuse vegetation, the wonderful Choquequiraw was built, Presumedly, during the Inca Pachacutec Government (XVth century ), and it is only comparable with Machu Picchu, the more visited archeological monument of Peru formed by little places, by outside of the city it is a similar metropolis built in other regions, call Choquequiraw the same name to the ones but belonging to other cities.



Picking up the tourists at 4.00am from their hotel and go to Cachora by bus. Arriving at about 7.30 am in a town call Cachora, After breakfast our team of mules and horses will make ready to begin with our long walk to the sector Chanchayllo, as from this place we will continue for the a just walking road and after about 2 hours of walking we get to Kapuliyoc (2945m) from where we will have a beautiful sight of the snowed mountain peaks of Padrayoc, Wayna,Cachora and the first explanations about Apurímac valley. Next we will walk down to Masana (2330m above sea level) where the climate begins to change warmer, through the road the change of the flora and fauna can be appreciated. We will finally get to Rosalina beach (1553 m) located to the Apurímac river's side where we will camp to spend the night.


This is the hardest day of the long walk to choquequiraw. We begin our long walk after an early breakfast, we will cross the bridge above the Apurimac River and we will continue climbing up a dirt road for 5 hours, getting to Raqaypata located to the side of Chunchullumayo River where we will have our lunch. Trough the long walk we will be able to observe several species flowers, orchids, trees and shrubs that along the road, we will also be able to observe a lot of birds that accompany us with its song, on our long walk. Besides we will be able to appreciate the different ecological landscapes, like, arid zones, Andean grasslands and humid forests. (3035 m) we will keep walking from Raqaypata to Choquequiraw and we will walk approximately 2 hours to get to Choquequiraw archeological place (3104 m) and from where we will have the possibility to observe the condor's flights and later on to see the sunset. Our camp place will be near the ruins.
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