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Yanacocha (3000 – 4850 m.s.n.m.): Located on the upper middle of the creek town Huayoccari Yanacocha. Located in the District of Huayllabamba, province of Urubamba, Cusco Department. Is between 3000 - 4850 m.s.n.m. South Latitude 13 ° 19 '30 "West Longitude 72 ° 02' 45".

For the start of this route will be given an interpretation center for environmental information on the tourist route, flora and fauna, climate and geography as well as providing maps of both thematic and route should be given to the considerations required to out this journey without inconvenience or disruption.

The archaeological remains found at Yanacocha, Pampa Grande is evidence that these lands were set to different cultures over time.

There is a pictographic record corresponding to the pre-ceramic era for rock that contains a painting of hunting scenes that give reference to the hunting of South American camelids. Yanacocha has lands suitable for protection, which meet the minimum conditions required for cultivation, grazing and forestry production. It also has land suitable for grazing, which allows the continued use or to support a temporary economically productive livestock.

From the city of Cusco is accessible by paved road, Cusco - Pisac - Calca to the town of Huayocari (approximate time 1 hour), or failing that by the road Cusco - Urubamba - Calca (approximate time 2 hours). There are vehicles and access to the start of the mule-track, about 15 min. Through the village of Huayoc, and then continue the walk toward the pond Quellococha remaining 30 min. Way up, then back up the trail Chaquicocha the foot of the hill where the lake of the same name. Place where you can see the circuit of the three lakes, all this is carried out by taking into account the speed of movement and negative effects of elevation change that would affect people.

The recommended time to visit more in the months from May to November that is during the "dry season", but nevertheless for bird watching ecotourism, should be conducted in the rainy season and dry given that variation in the presence of birds is different from each of the periods.

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