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The climate varies in different regions of Peru. On the coast, winter-wet and cloudy, runs from June to September. On average, the minimum temperature is 14 ° C. In summer the temperatures above 28 ° C.

In the mountains the sun shines all year round in the morning, but the temperature drops at night, reaching an average of 5 ° C. In the jungle, the climate is tropical. In these two regions, the rainy season begins in December and ends in April.


Peru is an Andean State located in central and western South America between 81 º 19 '35 "and 68 º 30' 11" west longitude and from 0 ° 01'48 "18 ° 21'05" N south. It limits the north with Ecuador and Colombia on the south by Chile, to the east with Brazil and Bolivia, on the west coasts are bathed by the Pacific Ocean.

Its geographic location is a tropical country, although the presence of the Andes mountains and the cold ocean current weather conditions change, making it the world's geographic synthesis. Has all climates and microclimates that exist in the world and the extraordinary variety of ecosystems that different species of animals and plants.

Peru is divided into three regions: Costa, Sierra y Selva, in these different regions are different exotic plants and animals that inhabit them. Since llamas, alpacas, vicuna, vizcachas, condors, piranha, toucans, and so on. In this Peru is a natural

paradise and an excellent tourist destination.


The official currency in Peru is the Nuevo Sol (S /.). A New Sol consists of 100 cents. There are notes of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 Dollars and coins of 1, 2 and 5 Nuevos Soles and 0.50, 0.20 and 0.10.

Foreign Exchange

In Peru there are no restrictions on foreign currency exchange. U.S. dollars are accepted without any problems at hotels, stores and supermarkets in Lima and the main cities.

To change money, it is best to approach banks or exchange houses that exist in various parts of the city and offering greater safety and security.

It is preferable to avoid the street money changers, and they do not provide total security, even though many of them are registered in the municipalities of the different districts of Lima.

You should keep in mind that it may be inconvenient to change currency other than U.S. dollars.


By visiting Peru, be aware that services and sales are taxed at the General Sales Tax (IGV), equivalent to 19% of the consumption or purchase, except in packages purchased abroad. In restaurants or hotels will add 10% service charge.

The law requires merchants to show customers the final price, including taxes


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